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Pokelawls Family and Relationship

On September 22, 1992, in Toronto, Canada, Pokelawls were born. He grew up with his parents, two sisters, and other family members, all of whom have been quite supportive of his esports ambitions. Additionally, his mother has made frequent appearances in his Twitch streams. Unfortunately, we were unable to locate any details regarding his educational background. As soon as he discloses anything on his academic background, we will let you know.

When discussing his romantic relationships, Pokelawls mentions his partner Gloria. Gloria, popularly known as Plooful, is his Korean-American girlfriend and a Twitch streamer. Plooful is frequently invited by Pokelawls to take part in his streams and films. On his Twitch channel, she frequently broadcasts Battle Royale games like Player Unknown’s Battlegrounds (PUBG), H1Z1, and Fortnite.

Pokelawls Merch

Pokelawls Personal Life and Gaming Career

Moving towards his professional life, Pokelawls is a renowned Twitch streamer well-known for his Overwatch gameplays. He has been playing Overwatch since 2011. Millions of fans love Pokelawls as he is a very consistent player focusing on solid gameplay, clear communication, and high-intensity gaming. He has been growing consistently because of his sharp sense of humour and exciting content.

Pokelawls started his Twitch channel on June 5, 2010, but he started streaming gaming videos continuously only at the end of 2011. Moreover, he also used to play League of Legends, but he found his footing and niche market in Overwatch. Furthermore, Pokelawls also runs a YouTube channel named Pokelawls, where he has gained over 355k subscribers. Although he posted his first YouTube video in 2006, Poke didn’t start uploading consistent content until the end of 2013. read blog